What's New in RightFax?

Reduce IT overhead and lessen your capital expenses

RightFax is the market leading “gold-standard” of network fax solutions, with almost four- times the market share of the next competitor.

RightFax allows users to reduce costs, improve productivity and meet compliance goals by integrating fax with e-mail, desktop and document management applications, and by enabling high volume fax delivery from CRM, ERP, and host applications. RightFax provides unrivaled reliability, business continuity, scalability, and ease of use for IT staff and desktop users alike. Regardless of size, RightFax can meet the needs of any organization.

With RightFax You Get:

• Secure and tamper resistant document delivery with centralized hubs to support auditing and compliance

• Ability to cut costs from standalone fax machines, integrate leading MFPs, and consolidate infrastructure

• Seamless fax integration with leading e-mail and unified messaging/unified communication platforms

• Improves productivity and automated document delivery (production fax) through critical business applications

• Market leading FoIP integration and interoperability with the leading VoIP providers and platforms

• Facilitates consolidation with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V

• Track documents and user activity with comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and audit trail capabilities

What’s New in v10.6

RightFax 10.6 includes several tangible improvements in performance, usability and capability to provide superior business solutions and facilitate real-world deployments. New features and functionality include improvements focused on four key areas of success:

• Performance and Scalability

• User Experience

• Administrative Control

• Integrations

• Increase performance with new hierarchical image file storage<

• RightFax 10.6 now stores each fax in its own individual subfolder

• Faster image searches and server input/output dramatically increases server performance

• Consistent RightFax server performance over time, regardless of fax volumes

• Optimize fax throughput with Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)

• RightFax 10.6 now uses MSMQ rather than SQL server for scheduling of outbound faxes

• MSMQ quickly distributes the outbound fax workload across available channels

• MSMQ optimizes fax and document delivery throughput to increase outbound fax volume in less time

• Easily manage the RightFax environment with improved administrator tools

• Easily manage cover sheets from a central location within Enterprise Fax Manager

• Effortlessly set group filters for library documents and cover sheets and create a whitelist of approved file types to be sent via RightFax

• Quickly assess the health and status of the RightFax environment with a new admin dashboard tool

• View high-quality faxes with image enhancements

• RightFax 10.6 includes improvements that remove imperfections from the incoming image while maintaining a copy of the original fax

• RightFax de-skews incoming images, adjusts them for proper reading orientation, and removes scan artifacts and transmission noise to produce only the highest-quality fax images

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