MFP Modules

Save money and increase productivity by Linking RightFax with your Multi function Peripheral (MFP) Device with RightFax’s MFP Module

Many customers waste a great deal of money faxing documents from loose fax machines or networked MFP Machines connected to phone lines with MFP kits.  RightFax’s MFP connectors allow you to turn your devices into a walk-up fax machine and capture a complete audit trail of every document transmitted.

Benefits of the MFP integration include:

• Privacy
Retain full audit trail, archiving, and privacy.

• Cost Savings
Eliminate the need for standalone fax machines, modems and phone lines by centralizing all MFP fax traffic out of your RightFax Server.  Centralized faxing lowers the cost of ownership as well by allowing you to leverage your existing investment in the MFP hardware

• Security and compliance
Faxing via MFP devices ensures tamper-proof transmission.  Add to the choices by deploying RightFax’s certified and encrypted email options as well.

• Control and Retention of Sensitive Document Transmission 
Capture all hand signed documents being sent out of your office. Why have only the signed documents sent via email electronically available and traceable?  With Standalone fax machines, once a signed contract has been faxed out, its gone with no ability to review what was sent at a later date.  MFP modules allow you to capture the transmission of these important documents sent via fax.

• Deployment Options
Use a Specific RightFax MFP Connector with Xeorx, Ricoh, Konica or HP for sophisticated two-way communications with access to phonebooks, settings, and delivery options right on your device's control panel or choose the device agnostic SMTP connector to turn nearly any MFP into a wall up fax machine

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