Dialogic Media Gateways

“Heavy Lifting” of processing faxes

RightFax users looking to virtualize their servers need to utilize Fax over IP (FoIP)  to allow them to get rid of the hardware element in the faxing equation…the Fax Board.  Dialogic’s SR140 software con do the “Heavy Lifting” of processing faxes in the way the Dialogic fax boards used to.  They do however require faxes get passed to them using the T.38 FoIP protocol.

To convert faxes from the traditional voice-based  t.30 protocol to the FoIP T.38, Servers require either 

A. A certified IP PBX to perform the conversion (Bit by Bit can provide a list of tested and Certified PBX models)


B. A Media Gateway Device

The Dialogic Media Gateway Series are a set of turnkey appliances that seamlessly merge traditional PSTN technology with IP networks. These economical gateways help consolidate typically separate voice and data networks and provide new and differentiated communication services. Without making radical, disruptive, and expensive upgrades to existing PBX equipment, service providers and enterprises can realize the benefits of a converged voice and data network with these gateways.

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