RightFax in the Cloud - Hybrid

A hybrid fax solution with outsourced telephony for your RightFax server

RightFax + RightFax Connect is a hybrid fax solution with outsourced telephony for your RightFax server. This is a perfect option for those organizations that need the enterprise-class capabilities of RightFax and want to remove the complexity of integrating a telephony network with their fax server software.

RightFax Connect is eliminates the need for fax channels and telephone lines for RightFax. It removes the need for IT departments to manage fax telephony in their data center or at various locations where faxing is needed.

Combining RightFax Connect with a RightFax server is considered a “hybrid” deployment. This hybrid deployment combines any RightFax fax solution (on-premise software) with RightFax Connect (cloud telephony service). RightFax Connect allows RightFax customers to get the best of both worlds – an on-premise fax server solution with cloud-based delivery. What does this mean for you? Simply put, you can send and receive faxes as you normally would, but with the added convenience of communicating through the cloud. This solution eliminates the need for and cost of managing telephony connections, fax boards, channels or any other connection method for your fax server.

This hybrid solution, combining RightFax with RightFax Connect, is a software only solution, accessing telephony in the cloud. It does not require any phone lines – as a fax machine or traditional fax server deployment would – because faxes are transmitted via a secure and encrypted connection to RightFax Connect. When you receive a fax, RightFax Connect securely delivers the fax to the on-premise RightFax server behind your firewall, keeping all fax content safe and secure. The on-premise RightFax server then delivers the fax to the intended recipient, either to their email, fax management client or other network location. If you have existing fax numbers, you can keep them for use with RightFax Connect – simply port your existing fax numbers to RightFax Connect with OpenText’s easy number provisioning process. If you need new or additional fax numbers, RightFax Connect has a bank of numbers available to you. For a small monthly charge per fax number, you can have as many or as few fax numbers as you need to receive faxes. To send faxes, you don’t need a fax number at all; faxes are sent via the cloud and don’t require an outgoing fax number.

Data Sovereignty and RightFax Connect
The hybrid option protects your data and provides data sovereignty by granting you full control over where your data resides, even when the telephony portion is in the cloud. You retain full ownership of all your content, including your fax numbers, the fax images, and the fax metadata. When using RightFax Connect, your data is never at rest: the data lives on your server in the location of your choice and is protected by whatever privacy laws exist in that jurisdiction

Benefits of RightFax Connect
All types and sizes of organizations will benefit from a deployment using RightFax Connect with a RightFax server. When resources are scarce, RightFax Connect saves time, removes hassle and frees up other valued resources by providing benefits unique to this deployment method.

• Eliminate costly telephone lines, long distance charges, fax boards, fax channels, and gateways by sending and receiving faxes via the cloud

• Remove the complexity of installing, managing and maintaining a telephony connection with your RightFax server

• Send faxes without a fax number – you don’t need a fax number to send, only to receive

• Only pay for the faxes you send and receive – maintain affordable, predictable costs based on usage with no per-user fees

• Connect RightFax Connect to any of the RightFax family of products: RightFax Business Server, Enterprise Server, Enterprise Suite or Enterprise Integration

• Provide greater visibility to actual operational expense of faxing