RightFax in the Cloud - Hosted

Simplify and meet document distribution objectives

Simplify and meet document distribution objectives with a rich, scalable, and fully integrated hosted RightFax system

A hosted RightFax solution lets you reduce the total cost of ownership and capital expenditures needed to implement your fax management solution by saving on the upfront and ongoing costs of infrastructure, staff, training, and compliance

• Reduced IT Overhead
Hosted fax eliminates the time-consuming demanding tasks of managing servers, telephony, hardware, software upgrades and more.  All the functionality with none of the headache.

• You own your data
You as the customer retain ownership and control your data on the hosted fax servers. Each customer has an isolated RightFax fax server instance and isolated storage for privacy and security. We can copy data from the hosted fax solution to your premise as needed and if you decide to bring your RightFax instance on-premise, we can transfer your data from the hosted environment.

• No functional difference between an on-premise and a hosted solution
The Hosted RightFax  solution is the same RightFax that has been deployed to over 100,000 customers. 

 Integration with your applications
Faxing from the desktop, fax in email or within common software applications instead of via a fax machine saves your employees time and increases productivity.  Hosted RightFax in the Cloud provides integration to a large number of critical front and back office applications, MFPs and desktop apps - just like RightFax when it is deployed on-premise. You'll get the industry leading fax solution with all the same integration options and capabilities.

• Redundancy and disaster recovery
The hosted Cloud solution  provides redundancy in the data centers to increase fax management reliability and uptime. A complete disaster recovery environment with regular backups and multiple sites provide you with a robust solution that would be difficult for you to emulate on site.

• Reduced operational complexity
While RightFax is easy to deploy and configure at a customer site, the need to connect with telephony equipment or access more complicated internet services such as SIP Trunking in a VoIP environment means specialized expertise is required. With the cloud based offering, we have taken care all of that. We ensure that our servers interact with telephony equipment and our SIP provider to remove that complexity for you.

• Uniquely positioned to offer custom services and solutions
We can provide consulting services to help you optimize your fax management solution. More than a service provider, Bit by Bit is your partner in providing the best fax solution for your needs.

• Bring and Keep your fax numbers
You retain ownership of your Fax numbers and DID’s