RightFax Features

A few points that separates RightFax from the rest

Here are just some of the features you will enjoy with RightFax:

Centralized Network Fax Resource:
• Integrated with key business applications—e-mail, CRM, ERP, EMR and EHR systems, document management, MFPs, and more.

• RightFax Connect—enable your RightFax server to avoid the complexity, headaches, and resource drain of putting fax phone lines in your office

• Microsoft Support—Tested and support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 Standard and Enterprise Servers, Windows 7, Vista, XP and Office 2010.

• Robust synchronization—Synchronizes with Microsoft Active Directory to import and manage users and settings.

• Shared Services—Consolidate multiple servers to share a single database.

• Unified Communications—Integrates seamlessly with unified communications/messaging strategies.

• Fax at the speed of the Internet—Use the new RightFax Internet connector to instantly send large files between two RightFax 10.5 servers.

Enterprise-wide Certified Document Delivery:
• Enterprise-wide faxing—Send, receive, and manage faxes from virtually all desktop applications.

• Intelligent outbound delivery—Call grouping, scheduling, priority sending, least-cost routing, and human-answered fax options.

• E-mail gateways—Send, receive, and manage faxes from e-mail.

• Fax broadcasting—Broadcast fax documents to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once.

• Automated delivery—Automate fax creation and delivery from back office applications to cut costs and improve business processes.

Receipt and Tracking:
• Phonebook integration—Includes Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Active Directory, and more.

• Fax archival—Record all inbound and outbound fax transactions.

• Notifications—Receive customized notification options and verification of document transmission and receipt.

• AutoReply—Monitor one or more RightFax mailboxes for inbound faxes and provide fax replies to the sender.

• Reporting—Log, record, and provide audit trail of vital documents.

• Recipient verification—The RightFax Internet Connector verifies all registered RightFax fax numbers ensuring your information goes to a fax number that is vetted, authenticated, and registered in the Global RightFax Registration Database.

Security and Privacy:
• Secure delivery format—Deliver Tagged Image File (TIF) documents over a secure Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or native and PDF documents as secure encrypted e-mail.

• Encrypted and certified delivery options—Maintain privacy and security with certified or encrypted delivery options.

• Automatic fax distribution—Provide systematic distribution of faxes to groups of users for fast, efficient and secure processing.

• Fax authorization system—Enable managed review of confidential faxes prior to send.

• Windows security authentication—Use network’s established Windows security system by linking each Fax Server user ID to a Windows user account.

• Customizable dialing—Gain precise control of outbound faxing by specifying rules and restrictions over how faxes are sent.

• Automatic archive—Archive automatically without the suspension of operations for maximum uptime.

Cost Reduction and Cost Recovery:
• Least-cost Routing—Route outbound faxes between servers on a LAN or WAN to minimize long distance and other telephone charges.

• Cost-effective document delivery—Fax, e-mail, SMS, print device, or encrypted and certified delivery options eliminate the costs for paper, postage, equipment, and related supplies.

• Scheduled delivery—Schedule or prioritize delivery to use off-peak phone rates or expedite orders.

• Cost recovery—Track and report fax activity using billing codes by recipient, department or group to recover cost.

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