RightFax Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

Make your RightFax environment more redundant and fault tolerant

There are many ways you can make your RightFax environment more redundant and fault tolerant.  Based on your needs and your budget, Bit by bit can help recommend a Disaster recovery plan to meet your specific needs.

There are two primary approaches to Fault Tolerance from a RightFax Server stand point – a Cold Back-up Server or two active servers in a “Shared Services Collective”.

 Cold Backup Server – Active Passive
A Cold Backup server, generally stored off-site, can be deployed.  If the Primary server goes down, the backup server can be made live by your RightFax Administrators until the Primary production server is back in service.  Many users deploying this method choose to replicate data and fax images from the primary server to the cold backup so that the backup server contains recently sent and received faxes on it should it need to be brought live.

Shared Services Module – Active –Active
Many RightFax users prefer the Shared Services approach in which two RightFax servers share the same database of faxes and data.  Both servers are live and share the fax load.  There is no single point of failure as if one server goes down the second will handle the faxing transparently to the end user.

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