RightFax in the Cloud

Reduce IT overhead and lessen your capital expenses

With companies looking to reduce IT overhead and lessen their capital expenses, more and more organizations are accessing their applications from the cloud. RightFax offers two exciting options for moving your server offsite and reducing the day-to-day stress of managing and maintaining a mission critical business application:

RightFax in the Cloud – Hosted
Bit by Bit offers a fully hosted RightFax solution with you server and telephony responsibilities all managed for you.  No more need to upgrade servers, deal with server management issues and deal with large telephony vendors.  By using the hosted RightFax solution, you get all of the benefits and features of an on-premise solution with none of the IT-Overhead or headaches.

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RightFax in the Cloud – Hybrid 
Connecting a fax server to the telephone network can be a complicated resource drain, using valuable staff time to deal with: fax boards, gateways, capacity planning, channels, and phone line installation and configuration.  Should you wish to have your server on premise, but have someone handle the telephony hassles for you. RightFax’s “RightFax Connect” Hybrid solution is for you.  A 100% outsourced telephony solution for your RightFax server that requires no fax boards, no fax channels, no gateways, no PRI/T1/E1 lines, no analog phone lines, and no complex PBX integrations

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