RightFax Server Benefits

Meet or exceed your business goals

Our deep range of scalable fax solutions integrate with your Voice over IP network and can be virtualized in any environment. RightFax helps your business automate fax, improve employee productivity, and save money-regardless of your size or need.

RightFax, you can meet or exceed your business goals while increasing productivity, achieving compliance and improving security – all while lowering costs. For nearly 25 years, RightFax has stood as fax market leader and along the way has forged strong partnerships with industry leaders to provide unmatched interoperability and the greatest number of integrations on the fax server market. 

Why Fax?

Each day millions of faxes are sent and received by people and organizations all across the globe. The reason for this is simple – Fax is the most trusted platform for the secure and legal exchange of documents and information worldwide. It has earned this distinction by providing:

• Secure ‘point-to-point’ communications
• Proof of delivery
• A universally accessible and accepted format
• Immunity to malicious code like viruses and malware

A Tremendous Value Proposition
• Save money by reducing paper, phone lines, modems, stand-alone fax machines and related supplies.
• Increase productivity by allowing users to fax directly from business applications and workstations.
• Shorten the business cycle by speeding document delivery and integrating with your business workflow.
• Help with compliance by providing a secure place for managing all document delivery.
• Automate fax, e-mail and print delivery from key business applications.

Key Functionality
• Efficiency and Productivity 
Advanced routing features deliver faxes to and from network users, groups, folders, MFPs, and business applications.

• Performance and Security
The most reliable and robust fax server ever providing a highly secure platform for the private and legal exchange of documents and information.

• Accessibility
Send documents from virtually any application with several delivery options: e-mail, encrypted PDF, SMS or to an MFP device. Receive faxes on the desktop, e-mail inbox, or other applications. Administrators can monitor your fax server from their mobile device.

• Industry-leading Integrations
No matter what the environment is, RightFax can integrate with it. Our purpose-built integrations provide seamless interoperability with Microsoft, Cisco, SAP, Oracle, and Lotus environments along with leading MFP manufacturers and healthcare and financial services platforms.

• Cloud-based Telephony Option
Cloud-enable your RightFax server with RightFax Connect to avoid the management complexity and staff time it takes to install, configure and maintain phone lines for fax. • Fax at Internet Speeds
Fax large documents between verified RightFax users faster than ever before with the RightFax Internet Connector.

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