RightFax /Alchemy Integration

RightFax leading integrations

Integrate Alchemy document management and archiving into your RightFax solution.

The RightFax Archive Connector (RAC) allows you to take Faxes sent and received in RightFax, seamlessly sort them in an Alchemy Database and  retrieve them  quickly and easily by name, Meta data from the fax or even by content.

The fax images are text indexed with the help of OCR processors, allowing rapid and granular searching of the words and numbers in the fax images. The RightFax Archiving Connector is available as part of several RightFax Archiving Bundles ranging from Basic to Advanced, and is also available with redundancy options.

Highlights of RightFax Archiving Connector include:

• Archive the existing fax database during setup (back file conversion)

• Install to suit your environment (install on RightFax server, Alchemy document server, or a third server)

• Run multiple instances of connectors based on fax volume and server topology

• Optimize performance because the connector uses minimum RightFax system resources during archiving

The RightFax Archiving Connector can be configured to archive faxes weekly, daily, hourly or more frequently. It uses role-based authorization with folder- and document-level security. Alchemy pulls faxes off the RightFax server at desired intervals. RightFax users can be assigned to different Alchemy databases, and users' mailbox folder structures can be preserved in the archive. History records are updated for any fax activity including viewing, routing, annotating, printing, etc. Further, all faxes can be encrypted upon archival. RightFax supports multiple Alchemy servers and databases.