Bit by Bit 3B DocRouter

Many of our clients face two common challenges in managing and processing their documents

1. Moving a document intelligently to a desired destination without Manual Intervention when there is little or no control over the Print-output 
2. Routing Documents intelligently based on content

Here are several Real-life examples:
• You get a purchase order (PO) via fax and want it archived internally based on the content of the Order 
• Your back-office system outputs an inventory report and you need it automatically faxed to three field agents and emailed to two others based on what’s in the report 
• You need documents that have been dropped into a file share picked up, analyzed automatically and faxed out based on contact information embedded within the document 

The Solution is the 3B Doc Router!

The 3B DocRouter 
• Locates Document to be Routed 
• Extracts Pertinent information from the content of the document, or its associated META data 
• Applies logic based on extracted information 
• Routes document to desired location

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